So my boyfriend deploys for Afghanistan on Monday and i'm really having a hard time and he is really scared too but won't admit it. He was saying his biggest fear is getting killed and not coming home and it just really freaked me out. And none of my friends understand what i'm going through. It would really help if I could have some support and some people to talk to :(
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deployments do suck. everyone has that fear in the back of their mind and that is completely normal. you just cant let it run your life and be the only thing on your mind during the deployment. my fiance has been in afghanistan for about a month and a half now. it takes a little while to get adjusted to him being gone but it does get easier. most of my friends cant even begin to relate to what it is like. just try to stay in touch with your soldier as much as you can. send letters and care packages. good luck and stay strong

What your boyfriend says is always on everyone's mind, some just dont ever get around to saying it. I know it's super stressful with him leaving. And it will be hard. My parents were traveling when my fiancee deployed and when I called them a few minutes after Caleb got on the bus, all I could say was "hes gone, it hurts". BUT. Then, believe it or not, it does get better. You meet awesome friends who know what youre going through and can laugh about things. I promise things will get easier. Im here if you ever need to talk. You can find me on facebook: paige.alli@gmail.com