Phone Calls...

I can tell tonight is one those nights were my phone will not leave my sight at all! i am so afraid that when i lose service or anything he will be trying to call and i will be missing it, cause i never know when the next time i will get to talk to him, never know when the next call or anything will be. I am so worried about always making sure the line is open for his call even if he doesnt say much i can still hear his voice and hear him saying i love you. And i need to hear his voice today so i really really hope he calls tonight.! 
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Trust me he loves you and you two are still okay. I had the same exact problem when James first left. Chances are you're the only person he's thinking about and if he could call you hunny he absolutely would. Write him a letter and tell him everything you're feeling; I know it helps me a lot to write before go to sleep . It'll get easier I promiseeee!!!!!!!!!!

thanks !! (: <br />
im really having a tough night cause i dont have anyone to talk to and im all on the edge about him not calling and just waiting to hear from him, and no one understands ! like i serisouly dont feel good because of all this and im not sure what to do with this anxiety and having no one here to talk to or understand, =/ todays just been a hard day , i miss him soo much today and all i needed was to hear his resurance of his love and that were still okay.

My boyfriend left for basic on the 5th of this month and is in Kentucky too. The first week was really hard because I knew he had his cell phone and I would be able to text and/or call him when he had time to call. This week is a little bit easier. I just keep telling myself that whenever my phone goes off it's not him and not to get my hopes up. It's the same with the letters that you'll be waiting for. It took from Sunday until today to get his letters from Kentucky to New York. Just know that he loves you and that he's thinking about you. Trust me it helps a lot!!! If you need anyone to talk to I'm here okay?