Being A Strong Army Girlfriend

My boyfriend just left for basic training five days ago. He'd call me every morning and every night and not hearing his voice has been terrible. We've been together a year and a half and I couldn't imagine my life without him. It's so hard to think that the next five months will only have his letters filling it instead of his embrace. But I did want to remark on a couple of things. Things to not only make us better girlfriends, but better women - because even though we don't have a ring, we have a bond.
As I dropped my boyfriend off at Meps, another army girlfriend started to talk to me. She said how she was planning a wedding while her boyfriend was gone at basic training while they just moved into an apartment and she's working as a hairdresser. Although they did look "good" together, my heart was heavy while our conversation lengthened. I was discouraged because I value marriage and the lifelong partnerships that you create and this couple just graduated high school. She then told me how with the army, marriage allows for more pay and great benefits. I thought this was strange, one because I'm not an idiot I already knew that, and two because you know what also allows for good pay and benefits? Getting an education! Having your own job and being your own person. We are not limited to what our other half's are doing, we have our own life to live!! We deserve to be educated and create our own way of establishing some of the finances. We need to be that strong woman, not just waiting but being that girl that never gives up and goes for what she wants to. I don't want any of you to rush into anything that is meant forever. Your wedding and life should be all that you want, so why not wait a little for a foundation that will allow a greater life to follow. Sorry for the long rant, but I needed to get it out.
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I agree! I want to be my own woman, to know I can make it on my own, before I get married.

I agree too. My boyfriend's mom asked me one day, " what are you going to do when matt (the bf) is gone?" Matt jokingly said cry. & I told her "yeah I will more than likely cry but school & work will be my priority." She was very proud of me. I certainly want to fulfill my dreams of being an engineer and working for Lockheed Martin or something of that sort. So that way when he's done with his commitment I will be done with school & have a nice job too. :)

I agree :) While the whole marriage thing would be handy if my soldier was stationed somewhere I could move in with him....I don't want to rush into it. For one thing, there really isn't time to plan out a wedding, and I wouldn't want to rush something like that. And like I wrote to him in my letter today, I want to take the time he's busy in the Army busying myself in my education. I want to build myself up a degree and a career so that by the time he's out, I'll also be able to support myself because I want him to be proud of me too :)