Now I Can Rest..

I finally got a phone call from him! (: <3 it made me soo happy when i saw his number calling i answered so exictedly  and was so happy to hear his voice!! but than i started crying ... He might not be coming back till november now :( i miss him so much, hes stuck in reception till thursday! which im thinking will make him be in basic longer :/ but good news is that as long as he finds phones to use he will be able to probally call more than he will when he once gets into basic, but hes exicted now to get into basic.  I just can not wait till this whole basic is over, and oh damn i forgot to tell him what i meant to tell him, cause i was so focused on just the fact that he called it was like i couldnt think of barely anything to talk about after awhile. 12 minute call though, woo hoo (:
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3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Oh my God! That sucks so much that he lost his phone! And I agree, it feels so good to know that with the short amount of time they have, and especially in his situation, they do everything they can to just be able to talk to you for a minute :) Good luck to you both! I hope someone lets him borrow their phone so he can call you too!

Yeah exactly, your just so exicted that their calling you forget everything else! see in my situation he could be getting to talk to me so much more if he hadnt lost his phone , =/ he had left it on the window sill one morning over there and came back and it was gone. so now this guy that is there has been letting him make calls to me, but hes leaving to basic tommrow so lets hope he finds another guy to use there phone, im really happy though that he makes such an attempt to call me =]

Yeah I liked when he was in reception...I got calls every night and texts whenever he could fit them in :) Enjoy that time while it lasts. <br />
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And I know what you mean about forgetting what you wanted to tell him! I always end up forgetting then after we hang up I'm like awhhh crap! It sucks, but you really do lose everything in your head when you see their number pop up on your phone!