Birthday Ideas?

so my boyfriends birthday is in about a month and i have NO idea what to get him. he has pretty much everything you could think of and what he doesn't have he has the money to go out and get it whenever he wants. im the type of person that isnt scared to ask someone what they want and getting them exactly that but when i asked him he said he wanted a m203..for those of you that dont know what that is (i had to google it myself) its a 40 mm grenade launcher. now dont get me wrong i would be happy to get him anything he wanted...but a grenade launcher? haha anyway...i was hoping you ladies could give me some ideas on what to get him and/or what to do for his birthday. he'll be 24. thanks bunches :)
Sara2o1o Sara2o1o
18-21, F
Jul 17, 2010