*update* A Year Later

I know its been forever since ive been on here but I finally got a free minute to write and tell you all what happened between me, him and his mom. well after I went to see him at basic graduation it went great he brought me a proud army wife necklace while I was there we took pictures and everything. well I met one of his battle buddies and his wife and we got really close. well one day she calls me and askes me is everything ok with me and him because her husband said my fiance got a marriage license and he met the other girl he was going to marry in a few days so I call him to ask him and he denies it but, his battle buddies wife calls his friend for me and i ask him to tell me the story and unfortunately i went onto myspace and found the girl but no real evidence so i call his mom she says now dont you think we would know if he was getting married dont you think he would tell his family and I said no well long story short he keeps trying to convince me its not true and to come see him for the 4th in virginia but I refuse and 2 days later on the sixth he actually did marry her but I still didnt have proof so I decide I dont need anymore of the stress cause i really didnt believe him and I break up with him and he starts calling me a ho saying I just want to leave him so I can go mess around, threating to mash my head with a rock and all this other stuff and the whole time he was already married. a few weeks later I found out his family and our mutual friend (who I knew longer) knew his plans the whole time they knew for months and noone ever told me. so I go off to school I stop talking to all of them and he was still calling me almost everyday ( when before when I was trying to find out the truth from I could barely get him on the phone) with bs like "I had a bad dream about you getting in a car accident and I still care about you so I just wanted to tell you to be careful" and little bull crap like that and Im thinking yea right and i keep hanging up on him everytime so eventually he stops well one day our old friend calls and is asking how i am and she tells me he told her give me his number so i can call him cause he would still like to be friends and of course i flipped out and said things like are you serious is he crazy he must be or hes really stupid so i hang up on her and for the rest of the year his little sister called me a few times but i never answered he called a few times i didnt answer him either and after a while noone called then a few weeks ago which was like almost a full year he sends me an IM that said "just thought id send you some good news just in case you need it I hate my life" which pissed me off all over again and im thinking yea right your married with a baby on the way and bragging on how happy you are and all this stuff (well thats what I was told by someone who we knew that thought our break up was mutual cause thats what he had told him) and you send me a message lying saying you hate your life. so i just closed the message and never answered and i havnt heard from him since but im wondering why he sent that message and lied and why the hell he wont leave me alone i told his family and our friend i never want to speak to him again and yet he keeps trying i just dont get it. but im doing good i went back to school im a certified medical assistant, 13 credits from an assoc. in general studies, I was accepted into my schools surgical tech program and I signed up for the air force like i always wanted and because of rotc in high school and my degress ill be an officer instead of enlisted so im doing good. still angry about what happened but i figure it happened for a reason and karma will get him 10 times worse and im not even sure i want to know what happened to him when it does cause its gotta be bad well got to go. talk to you all later - Hope
missinflowential missinflowential
18-21, F
Jul 17, 2010