hey girlies....this isn't really a story, its more like a question that needs answering by any one that might have an answer. ever since i started talking to my soldier i started looking at military love quotes and there was one thing that really got me thinking, OK what i wanted to know is what does flip flops have to do with the army, or the military. i have had that question for a good while and now its starting to drive me crazy..if there is anyone that can give me an answer i would greatly appreciate it. thank you.
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This is just my personal opinion, but I think it's cuz when your husband's deployed, you don't care what the heck you look like, much less what shoes you wear, so you just wear flip flops all the time...that's probably not the reasoning behind the quote, but it's true, when he's gone, you don't give a FUUUUUU.....

It's basically a stereo type kind of thing.. Lol <br />
No one ever says glass slippers because they think it's outdated (jerks) lol<br />
But now almost ever girl in the world wears flip flops and they just think it's more appropriate for this day in age I would guess. Lmao. <br />
<br />
But I think it's pretty dumb too so i agree with you :)

i wanted to say that but like one of the groups here has a picture of the flip flop and the combat boot. but thnks if anyone has any other thoughts im sure several of us would like to know.

I think its an updated version of the quote "I may wear glass slippers but my hero wears combat boots" or something along those lines, that would be my best guess

Well sorta...I saw several images that said flip flops and combat boots type of love and another that said..flip flops and combat boots equal true love and I was on a web sight that sold shirts for military girl friends and when I clicked on the army link there was a shirt that said my flip flops need your combat I was wondering like what does that mean flip flops and combat boots. Cause I always see it when I look at military love quotes and stuff..