i dont know who i can talk to anymore. i have to limit things i say to my friends about my relationship because they like to stick their nose in our business a little too much for my boyfriend. im so sick of fighting about how my friends say this and my friends think that. the ones that were the problem have backed down from telling him stuff and messing with his head, now i get it. one girl tells me all the time that it sounds like he is cheating on me and that he doesnt really love me, and ive got to admit it does get to me and i start questioning our relationship and asking him things that shouldnt be asked, then he gets mad and wont talk to me. so ive been trying to not to talk to my friends about him at all...but ive got to talk to someone about it. if i dont then my friends and i have nothing to talk about, none of them have boyfriends so we cant just focus on their relationship more, and their all in summer school (where i wish i was so bad) so i really hate hearing about school. so that leaves me with no one to talk to but my boyfriend, who is busy all the time with work or asleep, which means i am stuck in this house, in my room all alone with nothing to do or anyone to talk to. i need new unbiased friends, ones that will just listen and give me advise that is good. someone with some feelings (my friend seems to not have feelings, she doesnt care about anyone or anything). so im now taking friend applications. any takers?
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thanks everyone. im pretty sure were over, for good. he says i dont trust him and hes right i dont. he has never given me a reason to trust him and plenty of reasons not to. we'll see what tomorrow brings but im not sure that i want to fix "us" anymore. im tired of him hurting me and feeling like im not enough for him.

Aww Girly!! This is way too much for you. Your friends should be there to support you not discourage your relationship. I had to get over some of my friends causing problems with my boyfriend too much of stress on top of deployment. No one needs to go through this not even you. I know loosing friends is hard but you are being the better person by using your strength in finding other to get you through. if you ever need anything im hear to listen take care.

its not just my friends that dont think we will last...he doesnt think so either. he says that eventually he will do something to screw it up, but i really dont think there is anything he could do that we couldnt talk about and fix. i just dont want to loose him no matter what the reason and right now i dont feel like were ok. he wont talk to me and when we have its been for like 2 minutes at the most about his facebook cause it wouldnt let him log in. other than that he wont text me back, he did answer when i called him a lil bit ago but he was fixing to eat so hes supposed to call me back. i just dont know :

How did you make it ok afterwards with him? Cause he is really mad, he wouldn't even talk to me last night. He said he wasn't mad at me that he was mad at her but I don't believe him. Its broken us up before I don't want it to happen again over this stupid stuffm