We Finally Gave In<3

My boyfriend and I have only been together for about a month and a half now, but our story begins a little over five years ago. We met through family while he was visiting during the summer of 2005. He lived in West Virginia and I lived in Florida so we knew that we were just going to be friends; but that didn't work the way we thought it would.We ended up falling for each other every summer after that, but while he was away, we both fought it like crazy. We dated other people who were very controlling and did not let us talk to each other; but we always knew in our hearts that we would end up together forever. He had always promised me that even as just friends, he would never join any of the services, but as soon as he graduated high school, he joined the U.S Army. I was completely crushed when he told me. Then, the orders came that he would be deploying to Afganistan. We were both scared and didn't know what was gonna happen. We said we were going to wait until he came home to be in a committed relationship because this year that he's in Afganistan, is my senior year of high school and he didn't want to hold me back from anything. Together, we talked about it and came to the conclusion that we didn't want to be with anyone but each other. So we became an "official" couple at the beginning of June, after waiting 5 years to be together. His deployment began on June 26, the day of my dance recital. This is the hardest thing I've ever been through but i know he's coming home safe. Even though he's on the other side of the world, I've never been happier in a relationship. We've always had to face distance as an obstacle, but this takes it to a whole new level, especially since he's missing my whole senior year. The exciting news, is that his 2 weeks of leave from Afganistan will more than likely be during my 18th birthday! He's never been here for a birthday, dance performance(which i've been doing for 13 years), or any holiday other than 4th of July. My soldier means more than anything to me, and reading all of this has helped tremendously.

"Being an Army girlfriend is my superpower."<3
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Sounds like you two are in love :) you have a great story and I'm glad I can relate to someone the same age too! I wrote him my first real letter on paper tonight lol. Can't wait to send it! We should talk sometime :)