I Only Have Two Minutes

I was sitting in the car about an hour ago, on my way home from a weekend in Pennsylvania. All of a sudden my phone stats vibrating and singing and at first I was like wtf who in the world would be calling me, no one ever calls my cell phone. It was yet another random number. I answered it and heard "I only have two minutes" and I allmost hung up the phone when it finally clicked it was James calling from basic. It made my entire day and possibly my entire week. I didn't even care that the phone call onlly lasted 1 min and 15 seconds not 2 minutes like it was supposed to. His saying that he sent out letters and that I should have some at the post office tomorrow put a smile on my face. I held back tears as he told me he loved me and he missed me. When he said he had to go I told him i loved him. It wasn't until then that I started crying and shaking. I really didn't even think that he'd be able to call today.

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Aww :) i agree, surprise calls are some of the best lol in a sad-happy sort of way. When my soldier first called me from basic, i forgot to tell him so much! I completely forgot about everything that had been going wrong and just wanted to know how he was and to tell him how much I love and miss him.<br />
They are always good calls. I remember all of his calls from basic and they always make me smile :)<br />
Stay strong and positiv, he will be home soon!<br />
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God Bless!

First Basic calls are always a joy to receive these are the ones you will always remember and cherish hang in there.

yea i was but when we got off the phone i had remembered that i forgot to tell him that i got into lpn school and stuff like that. blahhhh

OMG this exact thing happened to me today. I had a little more than 2 minutes but it was deja vu reading your story. I did the same thing but I was out in public at the mall when mine happened, lol. :) <br />
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I'm glad you got a call. Because if you're anything like me, I had been stressing until I got one. :)

awww gotta love the surprise calls :)