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My name is Heather, and my boyfriend is in the army.  Before he and I got together, he was in Basic training, but was sent home early due to an injury.  I met him while he was home but now he has to go back soon.  I am so happy and proud of him, but am afraid of him leaving.  I read a lot of stories on here of army girlfriend and wives that miss their men while they are away, and I'm scared of him leaving.  Does anyone have any advice on how to survive while he's gone?  I would love to chat with some people... I'm new to this website.
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Oh, and P.S.....my name is Heather, too :-)

My best advice is to stay busy and write him letters non<x>stop - and you'll hear that from all of us!!! My soldier has been in the Army for over 5 years, and we've been dating for almost 2 of those years. We've been through a handful of separations, and yes, they were hard. I remember when my soldier left for OCS (the worst separation we endured together - it was just like basic, but much harder and more challenging. They took their phones away - no phone use, no computer use...) I lost 5 lbs. in just 6 days because I couldn't eat. But I remembered that my soldier was coming home and that he would want me to stay strong for him while he was away. So, I wrote him letters every day and continued on through my days. It was rough, but we both made it. "hisarmysupport" (above commenter) got it right when she said that "It's never goodbye, it's always see you soon" - now true that is!!! <br />
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Being an Army girlfriend/spouse will help you to become a strong and independent woman, yet it will give you a love you couldn't even fathom having in your dreams - it's that rewarding. The separations are hard, but they make you stronger. Army girlfriends/spouses are stronger than other girlfriends because we know what true separation and sacrifice is!!!! <br />
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It's okay to be scared of him leaving - I know exactly what that feels like. But just know that it's going to be okay, and that you have to make it through this for him. Do you have any hobbies or things you want to try, like yoga or scrapbooking?? If so, now is the time to try them - when your soldier is away. I'm a runner and a cyclist, so when my soldier leaves, I hit the roads/trails everyday consistently. It helps me to relax and work my body out to the point of exhaustion (that way I can fall asleep at night alone). My senior year at my University is coming up this fall, so that will keep me busy when my soldier leaves again. <br />
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You are going to make it, I promise!! We all have had our doubts about whether we could make it through separations with our men!!! It's hard, yes, but you can do it!! Message me - any of us, any time if you need to vent, if you need advice, or just need to talk to some girls who totally understand your situation.

What helped me get through basic and everything is writing letters and working. If you ever need someone to talk to about anything don't be afraid to talk to someone. If you ever have questions you can always message me and I'll help you the best I can. my boyfriend and i have been dating for 2 years and 7 months. He left for basic when we were dating for only 6 months. I know how hard it is to say goodbye. ALWAYS remember.... It's never goodbye, it's always see you soon. Remembering that helped me go through all the times I never got to talk to him and the days when I was missing him the most. Please remember you can always message me if you need help with anything or ever want to just talk about anything.

Stay busy is the best advise! And be supportive of him. Don't let him know how sad you may get, it is easier for them that way. Feel free to message me to talk if you need anything!

When my Soldier was in basic training, I missed him so much! I spent hours looking for groups online and anything and everything military related! That is when I found this group and everyone helped me so much!<br />
The best thing to do is find ways to keep yourself busy. Very busy. I spent my days cleaning and running errands and finding little jobs to do. The highlights of my weeks were getting letters :) , taking pictures for him, writing him letters and getting phone calls :) I also made a scrapbook about us and our life and experiences together :) There were many nights and days that I couldn't help but cry and pray because I missed him so badly. You will have similar days and nights im sure and you will probably find that everytime you get a letter or a phone call, you will start crying out of nowhere lol but it's a good feeling to know that they are okay and miss you too.<br />
Just stay strong and make sure to talk to someone here. You will find that civilian friends don't understand what you are going through so don't be surprised when you drop them like crazy. Look up some army girlfriend quotes and army spouse quotes. There are plenty out there and they will help!<br />
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Stay positive and remember he will be home before you know it!<br />
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God Bless!

Hey. My bf is in basic right now and only been there a week. It is hard and u will miss him. But you have to stay optomistic. You probably wont talk to him for a week or a lil more.. And letters will be the same way. Just know he is thinking of u and every day hes gone u r one day closer to seeing him. I suggest hanging with friends, finding a simple hobby, and working out. Working out keeps u in a better mood and optomistic. Feel free to message me :)