I No Longer..

am an army gf.. i am an army wife.. as of friday jake and i have been married :) the past 10 days he was off were amazing family time was amazing the wedding was amazing, except for the arguements when figuring out financial junk and the girl who has been friends with him since he was 5 and seems to think she knows him better than his own wife does lol there always is that girl.. who is a little too friendly. Anyways tommorrow i pack up all my junk in ohio to move to fort carson colorado with jake he leaves tommorrow as well to drive down to his duty station, i prob wont see him all week.. which sucks..you get so used to having them around again and then their gone just like that, i really love jake, and i am happy that im now his wife and that we made it thru the training and the struggles even after, i know we will make it thru him deploying in september, i just have to stay strong, and make as many memories as possible lol.. anyways that is just a update ladies.. stay strong. everyday one day closer.
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Congratulations ,wishing u guys the best and hope it all goes well.

congrats shanny!! you better keep us informed girly!!

YAY we had all been waiting to hear! congrats and best wishes with the move! keep us all updated :)

Congrats!!!!!!!!!! That is soo exciting!!!

CONGRATS GIRL!!!!! Oh my gosh! You scared me so bad. Like before I saw the Army Wife part is was like, OH NO!!! I am so happy for you girly! And so jealous! lol. Let me know how you like Ft. Carson! I am so jealous you get to go there! Bryan wants to be stationed there so badly! He's hoping for when he re-enlists!

Congrats on the wedding, that is so exciting!!

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you both :)

Congratulations! That is very exciting! I wish you both the best and I am here if you need to talk!<br />
God Bless!!!

Congrats...welcome to being an Army Wife! It is hard work being a newly wed and a soldiers wife. My hubby is training so much and leaves soon also. ENJOY the time you have...it passes by SOOOOO fast. If you ever wanna talk...I am here!