Three Weeks In....

We are three weeks into deployment, Ladies, and I think I am losing my mind. I need sisters here. I need people to tell me that, just because I haven't heard from him in a week doesn't mean that he isn't okay. I need women that I can talk to who have done this before and I need someone besides my mother, because she is just  driving my up the wall. I am in desperate need of someone who can be like my Battle Buddie and help me through this. Please, before I kill my mother.

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I also haven't had to go through my boyfriends deployment yet, but it is coming up fast and I am definitely not looking forward to it either. He recently went through ranger school, which i rarely got the chance to talk to him and had to wait around for letters, so I know how you feel when you don't get to hear how he is doing. If you ever need anyone, I am definitely here for you and we can try to get through it together.

Thanks for all the comments, guys, and I am looking at the home page of the website right now. I just hit the register button. And the pictures on the front page makes me wanna cry.

I do know he loves me, and when I look at my engagement ring, it reminds me of this fact. And I agree, @Den4ce, that No news is good news. As difficult as it is to swallow sometimes, I know if his mother isn't calling me bawling or telling me to "remain calm", I am in the home free. I am hoping it'll get easier.

As lame as this sounds, no news is good news. When I did not hear from my soldier for long stretches, I kept telling myself that if something bad had happened I would already know about it. Of course your mind goes through every possible situation, possible and impossible alike. I do know depending on the base it takes awhile to get in contact etc. Stay strong!!! Know he loves you!!!

I haven't been through a deployment with my Hubby yet (soon =( though)...but my sister is overseas and it took awhile for her to be able to call. Then there for awhile it was really sporadic calls. After a few months now she calls all the time. Be calm...I know its hard but sometimes no news is good news. He'll call when he can.