Somewhat Of A Disappointing Phone Call.... :/

So my soldier called me a bit upset last night...he said that not only did they shorten family day, but now only immediate family was allowed on base. And originally they were supposed to be released to their families after graduation until 5AM the next morning, then shipped off to AIT that day...but now they want to send them to AIT immediately following graduation. So he says it probably would be best if I didn't go down...because it'd be pointless to waste my money flying down to just sit in the hotel room unable to see him. I'm so bummed :( But I told him as soon as I'm allowed to go see him at AIT I will, and to let me know if anything changes...but I'm not holding my breath :(

Does anyone know about how long it will be before I'm allowed to go down and visit him at AIT? They get weekend passes after awhile, right? What exactly does that mean?
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wow..thats insane. my bf was at fort jackson and I went to his family day and grad on june 24th and 25th and they weren't all that strict. Also, if you have a facebook you can become a fan to ft jackson's page..thats what helped me and kept me updated..there's a lady, I wont say her name but she one of the DS's wives and she'll answer any questions you have. Here's the link:<br />
<br />!/pages/Columbia-SC/1st-Battalion-61st-Infantry-Regiment-Roadrunners-Fort-Jackson-SC/128896666647?ref=search<br />
<br />
Just copy and paste that into your browser! Hope it helps.

I know they ID and stuff and I read somewhere that Fort Jackson is changing things about graduation starting like next week or something, so I'm wondering if those are part of the changes? I'm not sure. :/ I told him to let me know if he heard anything different, but unfortunately if I want the time off of work I have to take it off by tomorrow...

well i mean "family day" even at fort knox was open to anyone who knew a soldier lol.. i didnt know other places had it more rigidly strict... im sure you could would they know the diff?

It just depends on the AIT where he is unfortunately. My boyfriend was at Fort Sill for AIT and his battery graduates next week. He just had his first off post weekend pass this last weekend. But a lot of his buddies were in different batteries and they had overnights and off post right away.

He said immediate family only on family day....he didn't say it was only immediate family for the actual graduation. I was going to let him just have family day with his family only anyway, but the fact that they want them to leave right after the graduation now is what kills me :(

weird... basic graduation should include anyone they want to come..