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Hi ladies,

I haven't been on EP in a while so I thought I'd give an update on what all is going on. Last time I posted something I said that my soldier had brought up marriage and that we were talking about it. Well we're not engaged yet but we have decided to do it! We're not really sure when the best time would be, but I'm pretty sure it'll be before I graduate (which is at the end of April 2011). I kind of have March in mind, but we'll see. I haven't told my parents yet; I was going to do it when I saw them over the weekend, but I chickened out. My parents and I don't have the greatest of relationships and we don't talk much about things. I'm a little afraid of what they will think/say. They really have no business giving the "you're too young" speech, but I think I might get the "its too early" one. It wont effect my decision or anything, I don't want to deal with it. I really do need to tell them; I'll be home again in August and will have to do it then. (I'll probably end up promising my guy that I will do it then, that way I can't go back on my word). I have told my best friend and my sister though, and they are both very supportive which makes me happy. Oh, and he told his sister, who is supportive of the whole idea, and his mother who said not to rush things. And I completely understand why his parents are saying that, and why I think mine will say the same thing, but I have thought a lot about it and I would NEVER do something I didn't think was right. So I just hope they all understand that this isn't some rash decision on our part.

Other than that not much else have been going on. My soldier is doing good; he got all settled at his base and is starting to get into the swing of things. He is doing some training thing out at "the box," but I can still talk to him everyday. Its pretty cool stuff from what he told me. I know I will be able to see him for sure in December, but I still hope we can find a time before that where I could visit him (even if its just for a long weekend or something). I never knew I could miss someone so much!

Well, I hope all you ladies get to see/talk to your men soon and that you all are doing well.
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Hey read your story, you and I are going through a bit of a similar situation. My solider and I want to get married too, our friends are supportive and he has told his family and they are excited and supportive as well. On the other hand though I havent really mentioned much to my parents eaither. I, like you are afraid of what they may think and say. I just gratuated from college myself and I dont think they feel that being with a soldier is good enough for me. But what can I say no matter what speech they may give us we cant help who we fall in love with, and I personally think there is nothing better then falling in love with your hero. So I hope you find the courage to tell them and I hope that they can except that you are happy and in love. If you ever want to talk feel free to send me a message.

Lol, I don't think he thinks its fun, it is over 100 degrees outside everyday! But the training is def not a waist of time; it sounds realistic too. But at least you can talk to your guy, that's always a plus!

Yay!!! :) Congrats girly! I am so happy for you! lol. And so jealous that your guy is having a fun training! My guy is out in the field and I get to talk to him, but he thinks the training they are doing right now is a waste of time. haha.