Changes Love Sacrifice And Education.

I have not posted in a while,my love is at Ait and i had been 100% preoccupied to move to be near him until one day my phone rang.I found out i got accepted into a radiologic technologist program that i had applied to as soon as he had entered bct.Fast forward to today,we are still together he is still at Ait and i am staying for school,its only 16 months so it could be a lot worse but at least i will have a career under my belt and he is fully supporting my decision for school.He has classes from 8 am to COB at 5:30 and we talk every night for at least 3 hours and he skips Dfac for lunch and makes sandwiches so he can call me and talk.It has not been a easy decision to stay apart,but we are not apart because i don't love him and not apart because i am selfish.I see his sacrifice and i am supporting him through Ait, we have been talking about him going to OCS after Ait since his Ait is 47 weeks long and we found out that with his degree it would make him an O3 or captain after Ocs,only 42 more weeks to go for Ait to be done lol.I would much rather his OCS be done while in still in college so that when i'm done with school he is done with Ocs and wont have to be apart unless he is deployed.Tomorrow is his birthday and he already got my cards in the mail.I love him so much.Long distance relationships can be done and i am looking foward to the labor day weekend because i get 3 days with him.The best 3 days of my life till thanksgiving break.Hang in there ladies,i hope your relationships get stronger over time.
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Im glad all is well with you and your man. Hang in there.