Hi Ladies!! New Girl Here...

Well, I'm not new to EP, I was almost involved with an Airman a while back, so I found this place, but things turned bad right after he got to his tech school. I made friends on here, so I got familiar with the military life a bit, but now I'm getting serious with a soldier, and there are soooo many things about the army that I can't compare to my AF friend's lives.

My name is Allie. I'm almost 21 and from NYC. My boy's name is Cory, he's at Ft. Drum in upstate NY. Before that he was at Ft. Hood in Texas for two years. (A year of that he was in Iraq). I met him about 3 months ago and he's just... so perfect. I couldn't ask for a better person. He's becoming my best friend and I love it. He'll be deploying again in January (ugh, I dread that), this time to Afghanistan. He's in the infantry. A sniper. A scout. He wants to be a ranger too. He wants to do everything. Bless his heart. Haha He's so busy though, and I miss him to death. We may be in the same state but he's 6 hours away and he's so busy that I don't get to see him much.

Anyway, I'll be looking for help definitely. I know all of EP is amazing, and I'm glad I get to make some friends. :)
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Welcome to the group. I am pretty new here myself, so let me know if you ever need someone to chat with

Hello Allie!!! Glad you could join us!!! Im Elise a ARNG girlfriend.