A Little Bit Of Good News..

Jake is at his first duty station today and i will be in our apartment tommorrow, the good news is his deployment isnt until next june, which means i have 11 months with my baby almost a full year, until he deploys, i had been hopin and prayin about this and god answered my prayers i am very happy :)
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I am happy for you...my Hubby and I were supposed to have 9 months but they changed his deployment date to much sooner. =( But, being flexible is a MUST for a military wife....enjoy your time. It is precious. Finally after being here two months our stuff was delivered so I have been unpacking. It's nice having your own place! I love that is my Hubby and I first place together...something as simple as picking out new furniture and finding where things go get all the more exciting when it's OUR place!

My boyfriend is just in basic I'm so mad that I will <br />
Be in college though because I'm going to <br />
Brockport here in new York and we've talked <br />
About getting married when he gets back<br />
But also started talking about maybe just going for it while he is there then we could spend time together... It sucks that you have to wai like 11 weeks though after he is transferred to even see him though... So it would be like facing 3 months somewhere totally new all by myself..

Congrats on all that good news! Enjoy the new apartment and all that quality time with your man!

YAYY!!! :D I am so happy for you girly!!!

YAYY!!! :D I am so happy for you girly!!!