I Hate How Girls Are So

nosey. so, I was on facebook, talking to some friends, minding my own business, when some girl, that I know from a long time ago, that I barely know, who is a few years younger than me randomly chats me saying... "If you're 16, and your boyfriends 20, isn't that illegal?" shes like 12 or 13, so I lied of course and said "no, it's not illegal, as long as we don't have sex, which we don't." well, obviously we don't... he's 780 miles away. After I answered her question she got offline. I thought that was incredibly rude. And it made me want to verbally bitchh slap her. But instead I laughed at how bitchess are always so interested in my relationships.

armyygirlfriendd armyygirlfriendd
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2010

hahaha oh i know.

i have that same problem, im 16, and my boyfriend is 19 about to turn 20, and everybodys like thats illegal, it is so annoying.