Some Exciting News...

Well Ive been a little busy the last few days Monday I started my refresher classes and so far,so good. Yesterday I got my hair done and Greg got my veil,sash, garter and bra boostia (sp?) thing out of layaway. Today I got my 2 cavaties filled so my mouth is a little numb at the moment. Next dentist work I have to have done is my wisdom teeth pulled,but that wont be for awhile, thank god!!!! The best part is he asked me to go with him to the military ball in Oct.!!!!!!!!!!! Im very excited about that as it will be my frist military ball ever. I hope all is well with you and your men. Im excited that Greg will be getting internet at the apartment soon..also my wedding dress is coming in next month and im very excited about that..even if we arent getting hitched for awhile.

Well ladies thats exciting news.
Hooahkindoflove Hooahkindoflove
22-25, F
Jul 21, 2010