Ahhh! Yaya!

so. my boyfriend got his phone a day earlier than expected..
but im a little pissed..
i got on facebook. and his status was "got my phone. family day tomorrow, then graduating!" posted 50 minutes ago.
FIFTY. minutes. ago.
and he didn't bother texting or calling me.
and now we're talking and the conversations boring...
i go 
"okay. this is killing me. i really need to know. do you still like me. do you still want to be with me..?"
and he didnt respond for like 40 mins and was like "sorry, i was on the phone with joe" < a friend.
and. then i go "okay.. that answers my question.."
and hes like
"sup. sorry i was busy talking to mehh"
i hate this..
i kind of wish it was just letters..
he'd actually focus on me.. and only me in the letters..

armyygirlfriendd armyygirlfriendd
18-21, F
Jul 21, 2010