I Never Introduced Myself...

Hi everyone. I haven't been on in awhile because I've been dealing with my boyfriend leaving for basic training in Fort Leonard Wood. It was just too sad to read everyone else's stories and every one made me think of him. It's been a little over a month since he left and I finally started to be able to handle it. The first month was incredibly tough, worse than I thought it would be, but now I'm looking forward to going to his graduation. I visited his family today and took some cookies. It was nice to see them and his dogs which I missed a lot too. They were really happy to see me. I talked to his mom for a few hours and I thought I'd be sad after but I actually feel really happy. It was hard when I went into his room to get something...it looked like he was still there and smelled like him. I am super excited to go to his graduation and I found out I'd definitely be able to go because it is a few days before school starts for me. I was really worried about that. Anyway, Marc and I have been together for 3 years on the 23rd of August. He graduates on the 26th so we will be able to be together near our anniversary. He is going to Texas for AIT. I have to figure out what to get him for our anniversary and I'm glad I'll be able to give it to him in person. I'm glad I found this online community. It's great to go to when I'm feeling worried or down and need support. I feel like you girls can answer a lot of my questions better than searching on the internet and you've been through it so you get it!
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3 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Awh. My boyfriend was at Basic in Fort Knox, in KY- we went to his graduation and it was so good to see him after 3 months. I cried. He's at AIT in Fort Leonard Wood now but he's coming home next week for 3-4 weeks! Best of luck to you :)

I actually got my first Sunday phone call before I got my first letter. He called me and gave me his address and I had already been writing him letters so I began to send them. It took about 2-3 weeks after he left for me to get a letter from him but I think that the time may vary depending on how far you live from Fort Leonard Wood, how much free time he has (and how tired he is haha), and his drill sergeant (they assign tasks that may need to be finished during free time). Hope this helps!

omg!!!! my boyfriend left for fort leonard wood on wednesday.. ughh i'm so sad... When did you get your first letter? I'm hoping its soon. I hope he's alright.