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So my soldier and I have a care cordinater (sp?), I think this is a new thing, the person is supposed to be there and help before deployment, be there for me and his family members while he is away and then be around when he gets home for readjustment. Well I assumed that this person would have been through a deployment of some kind themselves, so when I met her I found out that she had never been through an experience like this before, I was a bit upset. How am I supposed to go to someone for help when they have no idea how I am going to be feeling. So I am curious to what you all think. I am however glad that I did find this site, at least you all know what it feels like to get ready for deployment and go through deployment. I am just nervous because I was hoping that person would have been more of a shoulder to lean on, since my family, especailly my parents, dont get it. Getting this help is so good for my soldier and I, but emotionally I dont think she will understand me when he leaves. Well ladies it's just another day in the life of a military girlfriend.

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yea i would be upset too in your situation but don't just forget about her just yet! i mean she has to be qualified in some way if she managed to get that job. i mean they just don't give it anyone, right? that's what i think.

I can't believe they would let someone help people through this experience if they've never been though it! I would be pretty upset too. It's a good thing you have all the girls on here. We all get how you feel and will be here to listen to you even if you just need to vent. Honestly, I'd be pretty annoyed if I talked to the coordinator and she tried to give advice. I'd feel like she didn't really get it or she was insincere. That may not be the case at all, she might be really helpful to you, but that's just what I think.