Worst Distraction Ever

So ever since my soldier left for basic I've been trying to find stuff to do to distract me from the fact that he's gone. Well my family from Arizona decided to visit this week and I figured that was the perfect distraction....and it was until today. Today everyone decided to take a trip to West Point Military Academy, One of the most famous Army training academies in America. It was the worst trip ever. The first thing you see when you walk in is a small museum filled with modern day army stuff, and a lovely video of what they do in basic training. -.- Then my family wanted to take a tour of the grounds, and the tour guy kept talking about not only the history of it but the sacrifices all the soldier's and their families make and the death ratio in the war. Every soldier I saw in uniform gave me this sense of hope, that i don't know why I had because he obviously wasn't there. The entire rest of the day all my family talked about was what happens in basic and everything. I think the only good thing about this entire day was this really nice army shirt that I got :) Still waiting on his letter :( but hopefully it'll come soon :)
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That'll make a funny story for your letter though. I wrote as many stupid stories as I could think of to make Cory smile. He finds my clumsy, random personality adorable.I can't wait to hear when you hear from him!! Believe me it makes such a difference, I am so happy right now, everyone at my job could tell right away, and I kept sneaking off into the bathroom to read it over and over :)

ooof yeahs you make a very good point lol

that sucks...be lucky you're not like me and actually LIVE on a military base where thats all you see lol

I would be incredibly grumpy if I had to go to an army training academy. And I'd probably ask my family to stop talking about it...and they would think I was mean. That sounds awful. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Definitely NOT a good distraction.