If You Have Been Reading My Stories..

you'd know that i had been having trouble sleeping, i'd go to bed at anywhere from 5/7 in the morning, then i'd have an alarm set for 10:30 to get up and check the mail. 

BUT, tonight.. i fell asleep before 1:30.
and i woke up at 4, mainly because i was really thirsty, and i can't sleep when im thirsty. 
but i remember him telling me he had to get up at 4 to get ready to march, then family day!
i wish i could go, but sadly, seeing as he's 4 years older than me, my parents won't let me ):
i wonder if my body set an internal alarm :D
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3 Responses Jul 22, 2010

awe yeah, it sucks so bad ): i want to text him, but i know he's with his family and i don't want to bother them! haha, he texted me at 4 last night, i had JUST woken up. awe! 3 months will fly by.<br />
i am ): my parents havent met his parents, plus he's 20 & im 16.<br />
but im sure if they had known his parents they would've let me go :/

i am going through the samething right now!<br />
i cant sleep at night, and i have to wake up at 7 for work! <br />
but even when i dont have to go to work i get up early because my boyfriend <br />
texts me around 8 maybe a little later on someday so that i can get on the computer! <br />
and now that he has only 3 months left of deployment that all i really can think about <br />
and it's harder then ever because i know he is almost home! and i think thats why i<br />
cant sleep at night, because i have so much on my mind. so i know just how you feel <br />
it really sucks.. and woww i am so sorry that you cant go! <br />
i would be so heart broken i'm sure thats totally why you can't sleep!

I do the same thing...the night before I saw him at his family day I got up at 4 also...he was allowed to have his phone that night before so he txt me and asked me was I up and was quite surprised when he got a txt back lol<br />
<br />
that sucks that you're arent allowed to go :(