I Never Saw This Coming Even Though All The Signs Were There...

I am no longer an Army Girlfriend. Joe and I were having problems for a while and he ended it the other night. I should have seen it coming. Now that I look at it all the signs were there..He said he had nothing to come home too, he got mad when I told him that I love him and why I love him, he made a big deal out of my birthday just to turn around and get me nothing because he didn't feel like filling out the information online, he started becoming distant, I wasn't allowed to call and tell him happy birthday, he blew me off for his buddies down there that he sees everyday, he told me he didn't care anymore, yet I didn't look at any of those things. I just shrugged them all off until he left me staring at a blank computer screen for 40 minutes, the night we were suppose to skype because he went to go hang with a buddy without even letting me know. Then we started fighting and I hated it. I told him I considered taking a break but knew that being without him would only make me more miserable. then I told him maybe it was just the distance getting to us and he said no I know its not, it's the fact that I don't care anymore. Then the next day he didn't text or call and I knew something was up so I asked him if we were still together and his exact words were " it's for the best babe...it's not your fault either...no." Who calls someone babe and ends the relationship in the same sentence? so I thought, well he still cares and has feelings, maybe he's just stressed and confused..maybe this is just a break. but he was talking to my brother about it last night since they're best friends and told my brother that he has no feelings for me at all..and my brother asked when he stopped having feelings and he said "idk man, i just realized one day I didn't care anymore. It's just like the last time"( referring to his ex girlfriend who were always on and off). So now I'm just trying to get through this.

I hope you all stay strong and that your men stay safe.
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Thanks girls. It means a lot.<br />
I've realized a lot today. I was really down and didn't do anything for days except cry over it. but he's not crying over me and he's not worrying. he's having fun so I'm done wasting my time crying...It still hurts like a ***** but I'm sucking it up. And I have a feeling one day he'll be wanting me there..

woww i am really sorry :(<br />
i know what it's like to have someone just shut you <br />
out like if you were nothing before i was with my <br />
soldier my ex told me the samething .... it hurt for awhile then <br />
as the months went by i met my soldier and i couldnt be happier <br />
i know your heart is broken right now and you feel like crap <br />
and thats okay to feel like that it's normal but you are going to <br />
get through this and your going to see that maybe this wasnt meant to be <br />
or maybe it was maybe he will relize what he had and things will work out between yall <br />
what i am saying is just take it day by day and see what comes your way... and remember to <br />
put yourself before anyone! if you ever want to talk i am here for you! <br />
i have been where you are at i think everyone has once or even more then once <br />
in thier lives fell better hun <br />
everything is going to be okay.

Awww.. I'm so sorry =[ You can only move forward now. Stay strong!! Feel free to message me of you want to talk =]