Life And Love.

Life can give opportunities that seem unfathomable,deep down inside at the end of the day its what my mind heart and soul is happy with.I miss my baby in Ait i want so much everyday to have more than a voice on the line at the end of COB.I love him and no degree in radiology nor no time dwelling alone cures it.Everyday i feel that he is missing,everyday i live my life as a couple but alone,everyday we talk at night and i cant stand being without him.I love him so much,career or relationship i am struggling without him cant handle the days alone.I am strong but i am this close to not doing my program getting married and moving so i can be happy with my love.
robandjen robandjen
1 Response Jul 23, 2010

Don't give up on your dreams! I've been with my man for 4 years. We lived together for two and we've now lived 1000 miles away for one year so that I could finish my degree. I now have only one semester left, we got married last month, and I'm staying home to finish my last semester. He deploys in October so I still won't be able to move with him until he gets back next year. It's the hardest thing I've ever done but it's possible and it will make your relationship stronger in the end!