So He's Gone, It Officially Hit Me..

My boyfriend is off to Fort Leonardwood.. he arived wednesday at ten at night, eleven in my time. He was able to text me the whole bus ride there but when he got there i'm sure his phone was taken away.. i know its only been a day but i miss him so much already.. i've been spoiled for having him be around me 24/7. He was living with me and my family for a month and a half before he left.. and last night was my first night sleeping alone, cause tuesday and wednesday night his twin sister slept over. We were both so sad.. I kept myself busy those two days. Wednesday hanging out at his moms house and yesterday going to work with my mom.. but today is gonna suck. Its all rainy and i don't know what to do. Even though I know I can't send him this letter for a while, I wrote to him last night before i fell asleep. I told him about my day.. it made me feel better but once I layed down I just started to cry. I started thinking of how everynight we would fall asleep together.. and i read the letter he left me again for a third time.. I called one of my friends.. he talked to me while playing call of duty lol. But ughh.. i know its only been such a short time but i think it really just hit me.. on monday i'm going to the thousand islands with my mom and best friend, so i'll keep busy. But my best friend is out of town right now.. and i really needed her these past two days. She doesn't have signal up where she is, only when she goes into town and thats hardly ever.

I just miss him, and I can't wait to hear from him. I just wanna make sure he's settled in. The last text I got was him saying he was freaking out.. lol. I hope he's okay. I know he was scared.. like i'm sure everyone is when first arriving there.
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The letter took about two weeks to get to me (that's exactly how long he said it would). But I know exactly where you are, hon, I was a mess without hearing from him. I kept as busy as possible and worked so much I ran myself raggged. I barely slept, there were two nights I literally didn't sleep. Food lost its taste...So we're here, now that I got the letter, I feel so much more secure. Don't worry if it takes a long time, he's getting through this by thinking of you. Just be strong for him. And we're all here to listen to you rant!

thanks i won't! its very new to me.. i don't know how all of you do it, and not complain but i'm sure i'll learn as time goes by. i just want to know how long a letter will take to get to me! :( thanks for your support though i'm glad you understand.

I know exactly how you feel hun..when my boyfriend left I was at the beach because he made me go, he didnt want to see me cry. But coming back home knowing he wasnt gonna be here was the hardest part, he was at my house all of the time and it killed me not to see his car parked in our driveway. it gets easier as the time goes by, just think of this as a practice for deployments...if you ever need to chat dont hesitate to inbox me or email me!