Omg!! He Called!

he called me!! ahh, first he said he tried to call his mom but she's working she couldn't pick up. so he called me.. ah! he said he only had a minute. He's gonna write me soon. Ah sooner than i though! lol. but he can't call anyone for another week, he's like meeting up with his unit or something? i don't know he was talking low i couldn't really hear him. i don't really know what he's doing, i know he said unit though! what do they do in the first week of basic? hopefully he explains more in his letters. i'm so happy! i got so excited my head started hurting lol!
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thanks! i'm so happy lol he did say he would write which made me feel better! i'll definitely ask about FLW cause i'm super curious. thanks for the link, i'll check it out! <br />
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i hope i get his letter soon!

My boyfriend went to Fort Leonard Wood in June. This website: actually has a lot of information about Basic and AIT, and even though it's wikipedia, I found it very informative. It also gives a rough summary of the phases that soldiers go through. I thought maybe it would help you know more about what he's doing although it probably varies a little from the article. Right now he's in Red phase which is explained well on the link I gave you. I recognized a lot of terminology and events my boyfriend has mentioned to me so I think the website is somewhat accurate. Feel free to ask me questions about FLW...I might be able to answer them.

YAYYY for the first phone call! :D I am sure he will explain more in his letters. Bryan wrote me every day and he told me what he did each day. :) It was nice knowing what he was doing.