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Hey girlies
So I know this is like super in advance but I'm so excited...My mom finally said yes to letting me go to my guys graduation!! Family day is August 25th and Graduation is the 26th. I'm driving down with his family so that should be interesting lol
Anyway, I was wondering what I should wear to both family day and graduation? And if anyone has any information about like what you do and how much time you get to spend with your soldier I would greatly appreciate it :)
I hope everyone is having a good day and remember that we can all make it through this!
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you're welcome!!<br />
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im not sure why they switched it..thats wierd.

Awesome, thank you so much for all the information. That's like half of what he talks about in the letters is how hot it is there so hopefully I can find sometime that I won't pass out in or have nasty sweat marks lol<br />
Do you know why they switched the graduation days from Friday to Thursday and family day from Thursday to Wednesday? Do we get to spend Friday with them too? It seems kinda silly to me if we don't cause then it's like your making the parents miss more of the work week which could be difficult if they have jobs idk.<br />
Thanks again girly :)

yay! im glad your mom let you go, thats sweet of her! <br />
<br />
but i went to fort jackson last month it was EXTREMELY hot. i cannot stress to you how hot it is!! for his family day I wore a sundress and a pair of leggings and I was honestly wondering why I wore so many clothes LOL!! im not saying go half naked, but it truly is scorching there.<br />
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for his graduation I wore a long sundress, it was really light and really airy so it was a little bit better. I WOULD NOT suggest wearing jeans at not sure why I even brought jeans with me that weekend. As long as its not slutty looking you should be fine! I would just be presentable because I met a lot of his friends and their families and I met his drill sergeant.<br />
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As far as activites..for his family day we had to stay on base all day from the time the ceremony was over around 10am until about 8pm that night when he had to be back at his barracks. we went bowling got dinner (we got to eat at his mess hall..LOVED the food!) and caught a movie so we had fun. For his graduation we brought him back to the hotel we were staying at, my family and his family had rooms right next door to each other so we just chilled for a while and then went to the mall and did some sightseeing at got dinner and we left and went home and his family spent time with him until 8pm when they took him back. Its pretty fun its just HOT!!<br />
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If he has his phone with him, his DS might let him have it after they get back to the barracks so he may be able to txt you!!!

yeah, still have our friends, even if i do wanna punch them in the face sometimes :)<br />
I know what you mean, I have one month left and I'm like refusing to count down the days because they will just go by so slow. that's exciting that you get to go on vacation though! and having a nice sister that would actually read a letter to you is even better!! :) lol<br />
I was lucky and got a letter like a week after he left but no phone calls for over a month. Ah well, just be lucky for what I do have :)

yeah i'm going to be a junior next year too! and he graduated this yeah also. it will suck not having him there with me, we'd always have lunch together and we'd walk to class and stuff. and every morning we'd sit on these steps and wait for class to start, but we'll have our friends right? <br />
I'll definitely tell you if sign language is easy, lol. I kinda think it might be.. and counting down does make the days go by slower, but tomorrow i'm going on a vacation with my mom and best friend, and vacations always go by fast, so that will be a week to scratch off my countdown to when he comes home! haha. <br />
it sucks cause while i'm gone i'll probably get a letter. my sisters say they'll call and read it to me when i do.<br />
i can't wait to get one! lol. it will be my first letter. i think i'm getting one next week, when he called on friday he said he'll write me, so i'm hoping that means soon! lol.

MASF: I'm going to Fort Jackson. I hate figuring out to what to wear, it's so difficult!!<br />
<br />
Saranicole824: Sign language is cool though :) Maybe easier to learn? I don't know though, you'll have to tell me. Oh my gosh, I've actually kinda thought about him coming home from AIT and surprising me!! I think I might like that better because then I wouldn't be able to just count down the days because anytime I feel like I countdown to something, the time goes so much slower. We went to highschool together :) He graduated this year though (I'm gonna be a junior) It's gonna be so different next year with him not being there in between classes and stuff.<br />
I didn't even think of the favorite color thing, that's a really good idea!

how was fort jackson! im going in a month! congrats! and i feeel you!

lol i don't know why but i'm very good with figuring out what his mom is saying, i'm just good with language, i should have continued with spanish next year for high school, but i chose sign language instead, it would be cute if my boyfriend sent me a letter in spanish! lol a sundress for graduation sounds great, and shorts for a hot day sounds good too lol. if he has a favorite shirt or dress you should wear that, or wear something he bought you i'm sure he'd love that! lol. it would be awesome if he surprised you at school! if you guys went to the same school before, you should tell him your schedule. my boyfriends twin sister keeps telling me that he's gonna do that. lol she kinda wants him to. <br />
oh and another idea for clothing, wear his favorite color too!

Where are you going to graduation? I'm going to Fort Leonard Wood for graduation on the 26th of August. I have NO IDEA what to wear.

lol no way! My mom loves my boyfriend too but graduation is on the very first day of school and school is more important than anything to her, but I kinda knew she would give in. My boyfriend's parents are cuban so spanish is, of course, their first language. They speak pretty good english, but sometimes it's hard to understand. I'm gonna be in honors spanish 4 next year and I can only pick up certain words when they speak spanish around me...they talk so fast! He wrote an entire letter to me in spanish that I got the other day...I think my mom or his mom put him up to it! So I tried to understand some of it and then got frustrated and googled translated some of it :p<br />
Something cute of course :) like sundress for graduation and shorts and cute shirt for family day?? I don't know, it's gonna be so hot!

ahh i'm exited for you! lol. my boyfriend jst left to basic but my parents love him so i'm able to go to family day and his graduation. but i'm going on a plane with his mother who only speaks spanish! well a little english and i speak a little spanish but lol woah! haha. i have no idea what to tell you about what to waer haha something cute of course!