In 2 And A Half Months...

My boyfriend is going to be leaving for Fort Knox.
We live in Florida.
 I don't know how to deal with him leaving.
I already feel sad knowing he is leaving, and going so far away.
Can anyone give me some adivce? 
KaylaandChris KaylaandChris
2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

I absolutely agree with MASF. While he's gone, just try to keep busy, thats what people keep on telling me to do. And it actually does help. But don't be aftraid to let it all out sometimes. Being away from your boyfriend is going to be really really hard! especially if you'll haven't be away for very long before, which i'm not sure if you have or not, but it'll still be hard, regardless. Treasure all the time you have with him right now, it won't make it easier to be away from him, but like masf said, you'll have those good memories to look back on and that will help out a WHOLE lot. :)

I found out my boyfriend joined the army in August of 2009 and was going to Basic in June 2010. I became very depressed and it began to cause arguments. It made him upset that I was so sad and it was all I could think about. I talked about him leaving a lot and it brought both of us down. It was not a good situation and began to build a wall between us. I asked for advice from my family and they told me to "make the most of it" and "enjoy being with him while I can." I thought this was terrible advice. Then I decided to try to put him leaving out of my mind. That worked a little until it got to be about March of 2010. I knew he would be leaving soon and got very depressed again. My advice would be to spend as much time with him as you can and to enjoy it. There is no sure way to cope with him leaving, and I always thought "enjoying it while you can" seemed like terrible advice. However, looking back, I have a ton of great memories of things we did together that I can think about when I am missing him. We stopped arguing and when we got down about him leaving we would hold each other and reassure each other which is way better than fighting. It made our relationship stronger and I felt very close to him when he left. All of the time we spent together made our bond stronger and gives me a lot to talk about with him and write to him in letters. I'm sorry if you think this isn't great advice, but it was the only advice I got and the only advice I can give. The stronger and happier your relationship is when he leaves, the better it will be when he is gone. I hope this helps!