I've been reading a lot of past stories and want to share some advice that I have received and collected from this site.

Before he leaves:
-Enjoy your time with him! Make good memories that you can look back on when you're sad or missing him.
-Try to get used to the army. It helps if you're informed about what he'll be doing while he's gone and you won't feel so left out and lost. There are quite a few web pages dedicated to army terms, abbreviations, and what he'll be doing.

After he's gone:
-Keep yourself busy! Work, school, friends, a new hobby, volunteering...all of these will really help. It's not like you're trying to forget about him, you'll still think about him, but you don't want to dwell and mope around. That will make you feel so much worse.
-Write him letters. He will love to get them and it will kind of feel like you're talking to him. You will stay connected (for those of you worrying about growing apart) and will still know what's going on in each other's lives.
-Visit his family (if you're close to them/they like you...) It might be sad to see them and notice he's missing, but you can talk about him and you're both missing him. You're in a little bit of the same boat and you can comfort each other.
-Check this website often! The girls on here are all really friendly and willing to answer questions and offer support. A lot of the girls have been through what you're going through. They can be a lot of help.

Do you girls have any other good advice?
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I'm glad I could help!

my boy friend is going to boot camp in a month and i am lost and confused so sad and lonely already so thank you for the post it helped me so much!