Idk What To Call This

so my boyfriend leaves in a couple months,
and just reading what everyone is writting is horrible
and its super scary.
he tells me not to worry and just smile, everytime i start to tear up.
it sucks so bad, and he's going to be gone for 15 months!
tips, advice and everything else is needed please!
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thank you girls so much.<br />
i feel better alreadyy.<br />
this sitee is really amazing :]

deployment is hard i'm not going to liw to you. the first month is the worst! <br />
but you just need to keep busy and try and stay strong!<br />
just keep buys and keep your phone by you.. ohh and make a skype account!<br />
because skype really does become your best friend! i dont know what i would do without my computer i get to talk to sam a lot of the time he texts me and calls me and i get to see<br />
him through webcam! so that helps a lot. and i dont know what i would do without this amazing <br />
site. it has helped me in so many ways from bad fights to him coming home on his r&r. or just when i feel like i cant make it through the day because i miss my soldier so much i want to just die! but these wonderful women know how to get you through deployment! i have less then 3 months to go now and sam well be home! so dont worry everything will be fine your going to get through this just spend the time you do have with your soldier and make the best memories because what he's doing is something good for our country! God bless you and your soldier!<br />
<br />

It really will go by faster than you think... especially when you keep yourself busy.

you'll be fine, 15 months is a long time, has he already gone through basic? it sounds like he's deploying? cherish these two months, and make good memories. try not to think to much about it cause then it might cause problems. just be strong, i know you can get through it.