Such Wonderful Homecoming News

Skype is my best friend!

I was at my boyfriend's sister's house and he tried calling me, but the cell couldn't keep the call, so he called on skype so we could all see and talk to each other.

I know we both have our countdowns... mine is set for when I get to see him on R&R and his is set for when he comes home!!! My count is now less than 100 and by the time I see him, his will be below 100 as well!!! I haven't been thinking of his actual return as of course his R&R is much closer and easier for me to concentrate on, but now I feel like I'm back on cloud nine!!! :-D

I've been so hating my day to day right now, mainly because I want him back in it, but soon, soon enough he will be :)
InLoveWithMrWonderful InLoveWithMrWonderful
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1 Response Jul 25, 2010

keep counting down.