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So I'm very new to this. My boyfriend and I have been together for only three months. We only spent two of those three months together, we celebrated our three month over the phone. It's really hard. I try to talk to people but they just don't understand. Sometimes I just lock myself away in my room and cry. We may have not been together very long but we spent every day together for two months and when he left for basics it felt like apart of me got torn away. There is something that tells me that he is the one. It feels that even though he left our love is continually growing. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.
I do receive letters from him every other day and a phone call for 20 minutes on sundays, if they don't get in trouble. Even though I do get to hear from him I still feel like breaking down and crying. And sometimes I just want to vent but I have absolutely no one who understands what I'm going through. I just need someone to help me through all of this. Someone who understands. But I am very supportive of what he is doing and what all of the others are doing too. They are great men and deserve so much respect.
I'd greatly appreciate some advice to help me through this. (:
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Thank all ya'll for the support and comments. It makes me feel stronger. I know the wait is worth it but ya'll are making the waiting part easier. I'm am here for you all too, because like you said no one understands unless they are going through the same thing. It's nice having you all comment and share ya'lls stories too.

Hey there!! i know what you feel like, too. I've been with my soldier for almost 2 years now, and I have been through many separations. When my soldier left for OCS (Officer Candidate School) to become an Artillery Officer/2nd LT in his unit, I almost lost my mind. Right before he left, he told me that they were going to get their phones taken away and that they would have no payphone or computer privileges. I would just have to wait for a letter to be sent. I lost 5 lbs. in 6 days just because I fell into a depression and couldn't make myself eat. I felt nauseous 24/7. I would visit my parents who live out-of-town often throughout the separation, but they just didn't understand what it was like being away from your loved one like that. I remember crying in front of my dad once and watching him yell at me for being weak-of-heart. His exact words were "If you're acting like this now, how are you going to make it through to the end??" Yeah, that was EXACTLY what I needed to hear - NOT!!! I stopped trying to find support in my parents and remained in my town, my apartment, waiting for my soldier. I felt so lost because no one understood how I felt. I missed my soldier SOOO much - I just missed his voice, his touch, his kisses, his hugs, the scent of his skin, his jokes - his EVERYTHING!! Friends even shrugged off his absence by saying "Oh, he's gone again with his unit" like it was a typical thing and not to worry about it much. Yeah, right!!! When my baby finally made it home to me, it was bliss - PURE and absolute bliss!!!! It was the best day of my life - and the day I gained those 5 lbs. back...<br />
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I understand you AND your situation 100% and I'm here for you. I'm in 100% agreement with you, too, about how those men, our soldiers, are great, wonderful, and amazing for making these sacrifices for us!!!! If you ever need to talk/vent you can send me a message anytime. We understand you here - never forget that!!!!!! :-)

Hey hun,<br />
I know how you feel...Me and my Soldier have been together for a 1 and a half now and for the first year he was deployed in iraq...its hard but i got through and it may seem hard now but its all worth the wait in the me i know...

My boyfriend is in Ft Jackson, he left June the 28th he graduates Sep. 8th from basics. And he also said when they get to AIT they get their phones and stuff back so they can call home more often. Brandon has been gone 4 weeks now so I only have 5 more weeks until I see him on the 8th and 9th for graduation and family day. Your love for your boyfriend is going to become so strong. I have never ever felt this way for a man. I also told myself when I seen what my aunt went through when her husband left for Iraq that I'd never date an Army guy. But just look at me know I'm waiting for one to come back. These past few weeks have been very hard. I cry when I hear a certain song or a thought crosses my mind but I know that in the end it will all be worth it. I got a letter from him yesterday and he said that on graduation he's going to change both of our lives for ever. I'm thinking he's going to pop the big question! (: <br />
But I would also love to have someone to talk too and share experiences because I don't have someone to do that with. I'm always here.

Hey girls i broke up with my soldier about a month ago we decided it would be best if we found other people he decided he wasnt ready for a gf i have been talking to another soldier but its still hard i do hear from him but nothing will ever change how much i love him we all have to stay strong i am here for u guys Email me WHENEVER i will try to write back asap but it is hard to get on...We have to stay strong girls HOOAH

i am in the same boat..i have been with my bf for like 2 months and he just left for basic yesterday..he is headed to Ft.Jackson and i wont be seeing him for 4months..2months for basic then another 2months for AIT give or take a couple of weeks of still not sure how this is going to go..i talked to him for a while on the phone because his plane got delayed due to bad weather but its so hard to say goodbye everytime he hangs up without crying..i love him very much and i know that he is the one.Our two months together seemed like a lifetime with the one i was ment to spend my life with you know its hard to put in words.when you click with someone its hard to explain it.but i know that basic is only the beginning and i am prepared for the long run..Basic a trial run for us Army GFs see if we are strong enough for the Army just like it is for our soldiers...These next couple of months are going to be hard but i am prepared and very proud of him :) i also understand the need to relate to someone.I am finding it hard to tell my family just how i feel and my friends complain when their bf's dont call after a hour so they definatly cant relate to what im about to go through.I need a good support group as well and this seems like a good place to start.I dont know much about it just yet but i am a good listener and would love to have someone to talk to about being a Army GF.Hope you hear from you soldier real soon<br />
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best wishes from one Army Gf to another