Is It Just Me?

hey ladies.

how have all of you been?

I've been doing ok...i guess. Me and TJ havent been talking all that much and its starting to feel like basics all over again..except it feels worse because i know that we can talk, we just dont. Has anybody else been through this with their boyfriends? It just irritates me that he gets on facebook, but you cant take a second to text me or tell me you love me, but your on facebook for HOURS at a time making comments. Am I doing something wrong? is it normal to feel like this? I honestly thought that once he got to AIT things would be easier but the just feel worse and worse everyday. at first i thought it was because i was txting him too much so i kinda backed off and we would be ok for a couple of days and then...nothing. no txt, no calls no nothing. I understand that he cant talk to me as much as I want him to, but geez tell me something! Have any of you girls ever been through this? I just hope im not going crazy lol.

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awe girl i kinda know how you feel.. jake is out at the field has his phone on him.. but barely texts or calls me.. it makes me pretty depressed actually cus here i sit knowing its on and texting him and waiting hours AND HOURS for a text back.. it sucks.. i wish men were better communicaters but it seems that as with time and a relationship getting older, they tend to not be so responsive as they were in the beginning because they know.. they have you... its just a bump in the road, make him want you, make him wait to hear from you, make him curious about what your diong and that may be hard to do, cus i wish so bad that he would talk to me sometimes, but i know waiting and making him wait is better...goodluck and im always here.. :)

Close of business at Ait is usually 5:30 my bf is 3 hrs behind and calls me at 9 every single night because to Dfac for 5:30 which is 8:30 my time and calls at night.I hate to say it but your boyfriend need to start prioritizing what he wants,there is no reason under the sun that you should be going for days and days and days without calls texts or emails and he has time to be on facebook ,that boy is crazy,you need to tell him how you feel about how he treats you.He can talk to you,maybe never as much as you all spent time together before but there is enough time left over in his day to call,he is not deployed and he is not out in the field,put your foot down and tell him how you feel.<br />
He is acting like he does not miss you at all,and no you are not doing anything wrong,its cool to make new friends which i'm sure he has in the army but its not cool to put you last in his day when he has power over it.