He Just Headed To Basic

i have known my Soldier for a while now but we just started taking our friendship into relationship mode about 2months ago..i kissed him goodbye as he headed to basic yesterday..im still not sure how this is going to be.I am prepared for this i mean he let me know when we started dating that he was going to be leaving so i have had this time to come to terms with it but i still miss him very much.I got to talk to him just now its 4am here and 5am where he is at..His flight has been delayed so he stole a phone call to me to tell me he loved me and that he was fine.I cant even express how much relief i felt hearing him say that and this is only basic.I didnt realize i was holding my breath with worry till i heard his voice on the other end of the phone calling from a  random number..how  wonderfully suprised i was to hear "hey beautiful" when i thought i wouldnt hear his voice for a while..I know now i will never ignore a random number calling me EVER....He is going to be gone for 4months..2months Basic and 2months AIT from what i understand..of course both could stretch out further then that but thats what we have been told.i came here because i really dont have anyone i can relate to about this or what im feeling.My friends get mad when their bf's dont txt them back after a hour or call to say goodnight..they dont understand that im not going to hear my soldiers voice for the next 2months or more.They dont understand how i feel or how i can even think of trying to make  this work long distance.I love my soldier and i am soo proud of him and all the men who have decided to take on the title Soldier.But  just like they have fellow soldiers they can lean on when they are feeling down i would hope that i can find some Army Gfs that i can cry to when i am down or shed tears of joy with when our soldiers return to us.I hope i find many friends here that can relate :) i would appreciate the support greatly.Here is to the Soldiers out there and all the Army Gfs standing strong

the best of wishes
From one Army Gf to another
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well he just left for Basic on the 26th...i think the date is set on Oct.8th so your bf is ahead of mine :)

you're welcome hun! <br />
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and mine went to ft jackson too. when did he graduate?

Yeah i learned the phone thing rather quickly i think so far i have at least 4 differnt phone numbers he has called me from..now when i see a unfamiliar number i get butterflys hoping its him on the other end :) i will be on here alot keeping my story going and im so glad i found this site when i did.Im glad there is such a site for us Army Gfs it makes things all the easier to read the stories of other going through the same thing or those who have already gone through :) thanx alot for your comment and your story..it makes me feel strong knowing this is only the beginning of a wonderful thing :)... i will definatly message you with any questions i might have :)<br />
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oh where did your bf go for Basic? mine went to Ft.Jackson

welcome to the site hun!<br />
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to start off, i think every female on this site has felt that way, and you're first story is quite similar to ours! When my boyfriend left I felt like a part of me had been ripped away....this is a person I spent every waking moment with up until the weekend he left...then I had to start sharing him lol. But its really hard for your friends to understand what you're going through because its not them, they're not in that situation. You may be lucky and have that one friend that understands and if you do, you are LUCKY. I suffered through it alone until I found this site. None of my other friends could understand why i was feeling that way.<br />
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You are very right about the phone thing.. I NEVER DECLINE A UNKNOWN NUMBER NOW!! my boyfriend is in AIT right now and I still dont decline them. The one time I did I was lucky though because he left me a voice mail telling me it was him and he was about to call back lol. Now i can talk to him online or txt him in the afternoons when he's free and I still get butterflies every time I talk to him online or hear his voice. <br />
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The ladies on this site are WONDERFUL and I honestly dont know how I would have made it through basic training without them..if you have any questions or just wanna chat dont hesitate to inbox me!<br />
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