In Need Of Moving To Germany Help.

Hey so, I have a couple months to prepare to move to Germany with my boyfriend, he'll be headed over before me, as I have a lot to do prior to the move. The main questions I have are more or less, what do I need to move there, other than the obvious, money, visa, passport. I'm talking about the little stuff and all the steps. I am just a girl friend so there is no assistance, so if you know of any thing else out there similar. Any other advice you can give me in regards to it, it would be very appreciated. As well I have a one year old child who will be coming with me, and very employable, so websites, phone numbers anything you can give me that will help this go by easier I would love you for life..... PS if it is too much to write on here, than I am more than happy to chit chat on the phone.......Thanks 
momof4520 momof4520
Jul 27, 2010