Last Call For The Next 2months

Last night was crazy for me.. i recieved numerous calls only lasting about a minute or two but oh were they worth it..he was stuck in Atlanta due to the weather and had to wait for the fight this morning..Never knew how much i would love a 4am wake up call.His last call came at 10:15 this morning telling me he was getting on the plane and headed to Columbia,SC where he would then take a bus to Ft.Jackson...It just hit me then and there that i wasnt going to get anymore calls after that.I tried to keep his voice in my head..those words i love you baby and i miss you everyday still ring in my ears..its heartbreaking but i know its worth it.I am so super proud of him.Everybody expected him to fail @ life and his family isnt supportive at all..REally he had nobody to tell him hey your doing good and yet he still managed to make top of his class and go into the Army as a E3..He is making it and i am very proud to stand beside him and be the first to say your doing excellent baby.I started writing a letter today to him just letting him know whats going on with me and how things are going here..i plan on sending it with all the other letters im sure to write when i get his 1st letter.I dont expect it for a while but i want him to know not a day passed that he wasnt in my thoughts.I love my soldier very much and im excited for our future..this last call calmed my fears..his voice..though it hurt to hang up and i cried into my pillow afterward..his voice let me know everything was going to be ok... :)
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thank you very much for your comment and im sure that first letter will cause all sort of happy tears :) i am trying to keep myself busy.School in the Fall and job hunting right now as well as tons of family things so im sure this time will pass but there are still those quiet moments and when they come i write...thank you very much for your comment its good to hear from others going through is ahead of me..makes me feel strong :)

heyy hunny. I'm going through the fourth week of being away from my soldier. The first week was processing and i was able to talkk to him on the phone and text. I got my first letters that he wrote during processing the first week of his actual bootcamp and i didnt recieve his address until the end of that week also. It's hard at first but soon the days go by faster. Don't be surprised if the first letter you get from him makes you cry from just pure happiness of finally getting to read that he's okay. It takes a little while for him to get your letters, my fiance still hasnt gotten any of the 31 letters i've written. It takes awhile for them to get in the system. In your letters be sure to tell him you're proud of him and that you love him more than he knows. If you ever need anything you can message me =]<br />