Just Another "dear John"...

Hey everyone!
I'm Christina and I'm pretty new at this whole army girlfriend thing. You'll think I'm young...a senior in high school. Well my guy's name is Aaron. He's 18 and graduated high school a year early, went through boot camp and such to become a recon marine. I knew him when I was a freshman and then as a sophmore when he had a break from training. He was friends with my guy friends and all I remember thinking was, "wow he's cute!" Anyways it was just about a month ago that he was home again for 30 days now. After he would be deployed to Okinawa, Japan where he would meet up with his unit and then move on to Afgahnastan. Well ladies I guess you can guess what happened next! We started hanging out, had our first kiss and from there on enjoyed every second of every day together. He's just the most amazing person I've ever met (and I'm sure many of you can relate to that feeling). As time got closer to the day he would be leaving there were days where he would become so quiet and he looked just about the sadest person I've ever layed eyes on. He said the littlest and sweetest things, but he didnt even have to because for the first time I could just feel how much he cared for me. We spent our last night together and it brought all sorts of emotions. The next day he stopped by for about 20min before his flight and we just stood there in each other's arms. I cried and he told me how much he cared for him. I wrote him a letter for the plane and gave him some pictures of us and when he opened them he texted me saying how he would carry them everywhere. This all happened in 3 weeks. Just like I said its another "Dear John", (at least the beginning) and I'm sure you've heard it before. I cry and wear his shirt to sleep. I'm constantly thinking about him. I've heard from him through facebook a few times and he has just gotten an address. I miss him so much and seeing this website gave me a little hope for support to get through it all!!
Thanks for listening.
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I can totally relate to you! I'm a senior in high school this year as well, and I've always been told that I'm too young, that I don't know what I'm talking about...but I know that I love Andrew. He is also in Afganistan right now and it's extremely tough. I write him a letter everyday, and although he doesn't get them like we thought he would, he loves getting them. Just remember to keep faith that he WILL come home safe..he's got a lot to live for since he's so young! I know that's what keeps me going, and staying busy to keep my mind off it as much as possible. I'm here to talk whenever you need (: