Bring On The Tears.

Well today has been one of those days where I don't even feel like getting out of bed. I cried all last night and today. You'd think since he's been gone for 4 weeks now thing would get easier but it hasn't. My mother feels like I should get help but there is no use in it, I'll still miss my soldier. I hate being away from him and sometimes I feel selfish because I want him here. But I know that this won't last forever and I'll soon be in my soldier's arms. And when I sit back and think about it it's all worth it, every tear I cry and the many sleepness nights. I feel as though this is somehow making our relationship stronger.
Well I'd appreciate any advice, I could really use it right now.
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i am having one of those days today...i woke up and just laid in bed wondering how i was going to do it...but i eventually had to hop out of bed take a shower and get moving or that bed would hold nothing but sad times and i dont want my bed to be my sad place...its doesnt matter how long its been there will always be that longing to be close to the one you love and there is no need to feel bad about it we all feel the same way and understand completely.Keeping busy is what i do even if its to make a run to the store for my mom and do her grocery shopping..Its when i sit and think about it that the tears come so i try not to sit to often but when i do usually i have a pen or keyboard in hand and i write...try writing a couple of letters even if you dont plan to send them..write a letter to yourself about how exactly you feel today and dont edit anything just let it all out...even if nobody reads it you will have gotten it out and that takes a load off trust me..i hope you have better days and if you need to talk feel free to message :) best wishes to you and your soldier

I know how tempting it is to close yourself off from everyone and just cry all day, but you have to get up out of that bed. You have to get out and start doing things with other people. Having no social life will only make you feel more lonely and you will miss your soldier that much more. It does get easier. You will never stop missing him. Get out and do things with your mother, anyone. Being close to family can make you feel better, too. Just know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Also, we are all here for you.

I know just how you feel! My souldier left on November 8th. Once you get a routine going it does get easier, but you will always have those moments of weakness. It is always good to just let it out. It always helps me. Reseach exactly what your soldier is doing, you will feel more like you are a part of everything. I even started watching Army Wives just because I heard that it is a pretty life like show. I have to admit it is pretty good too! Write out how you feel too. It makes everything more organized and you can reason everything out a lot easier. This website is also a life saver. The women on here are just fantastic. Send me a message anytime if you feel like talking! Good luck to you and your soldier!

I'm trying, thanks (:

I know what you mean about the not wanting to get out of bed thing. It's almost five here and I'm still laying here trying to figure out what to do with myself. All the advice I can think of is try to stay strong even though that's already a given. Keep your head up girl.