Just Getting Through The Days.

I'm new to this website, just signed up a few minutes ago after reading a few of the different stories under this experience. I made a page for myself because I felt like it would be a good idea to have more friends or people to relate with since I'm sure like most people on this site I don't have many friends that have been in the same boat as me on this. My boyfriend and I have been good friends for the past four or five years and we just decided that we should be together around a year ago, about a month or two before he left for basic at Benning. Of course I was still sad from not being able to see him or even talk to him for a few months but I knew he'd be back and we'd be fine. I never actually realized that we had spent just about every day together until I didn't know the next time I would see him. He left for basic on October and luckily he got to come back for two weeks during Christmas time which I was very thankful for. Then he had to leave again at 3 a.m the morning after my birthday. A little over a month later he graduated from basic which I was supposed to attend, but I couldn't. I had flown out to my grandpa's house in Texas and was going to drive to Georgia for his graduation but the morning after I landed it had snowed in Texas and there was no way I could drive and make it in time. But on a whim of luck my boyfriend got the chance to fly out to Texas after he graduated so he could be with me for a few extra days (because he was going to be home when I was still in Texas). We stayed in Texas for almost a week and that's when I realized I was indeed in love. I completely believe that he was made just for me, I've connected with him more than anyone I've ever known in my life including my friends. He's my best friend through and through. We bring out the best in each other, we don't fight ever, and we enjoy each other and a lot of the same things (on the plane ride to Texas I was reading "Dear John" and on our way back he wanted to read it. Later he told me how we shouldn't have read it because it's so sad.). A few days after we flew back home to California we were laying in bed late at night and he looked at me and told me he loved me and ever since we've been saying it as often as we possibly can, and I truly believe that he does love me and he knows that I love him. About a week and a half later he had to leave yet again to go to Drum. I rode with him and his brother down to LAX to drop him off and I swear that's the worst. There's no "going in and waiting with him until he leaves" it's just getting out of the car, getting his things, holding each other for a minute and then having to say goodbye and trying your hardest not to let other people see you cry. He was at Drum for around four months before he got deployed. Let me tell you, this is when I lost it. I cried every five-ten minutes for a good month. It was terrible. I tried my hardest not to cry when we were on the phone or at least try not to make it so obvious, but I'm sure he knew. He's been deployed for a little over two months now and I've gotten better now, but today was definitely one of those days. I've only gotten out of bed a few times and yet I keep coming back to it. And now here I am joining this website and typing down what I call my sob story. I know my situation could be much harder because I do actually get to talk to my soldier way more than I thought I would but definitely not as much as I used to. I've talk to him on Skype a few times (which is the greatest invention ever ladies), and he gets to call every once in a while. There's been times where he got to call me twice, one when he gets up and once before he goes to bed, and there have been other times where I didn't get to talk to him for a week. I'm definitely grateful that I do get to talk to him as much as I do though. I've learned to always keep your phone charged, always keep it next to you, and never ignore a random number because if I miss a call it ruins my whole day. Well anyways I am on this site to connect with other women about situations similar to mine. I appreciate every single one you of you women for being on this site for us to be able to support each other. My heart goes out to you all.
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i have learned the phone thing all to well.never will i not answer a random call..i find myself looking at a random number and butterflies enter my stomach hoping its him on the other line..there has been only once now that it was a telemarketer and he got a ear full lol my Bf left to Ft.Jackson on the 25th but due to filght problems he barely started processing yesterday..From what i understand he is getting his uniform today.Im so super excited for him but i am sad all at the same time..Its definatly a rollar coaster of emotions but my pride for him and joy to hae him in my life is a constant.Plus this site really helps in the long run..just reading the stories somehow gives me strength.If you ever need to vent/talk dont hesitate to message me or add me to your circle :) Welcome to the site happy to have you and the best of wishes to you and your soldier

Hey! My soldier went to Benning too! We met about 5 years ago also. I totally feel you when it is just one of those days. Nothing, besides talking to your soldier, can make it better. This website really does help. You can vent and share every sob story you have and no one will judge you! We all share the same pain at one point or another. But we will also find the greatest happiness and the deepest love there is. As much as I complain about my soldier not being here I don't think I would want my life any other way. I wish you and your soldier the best of luck! Message me anytime!