So I Just Think This Is A Little Ironic..

So, my boyfriend left a week ago on wednesday.. omg i can't believe its already been a week! Right now I'm on facation with my mom and best firend in the thousand islands, and on my plane ride here, well i took two so on my second flight, i saw a soldier waiting to board, and i got a little excited, cause it reminded me of Moises, but when they called our flight to board i saw him get up! And on the plane he sat in the seat behind me.. it was a little overwhelming, cause it just made me miss my soldier so much..
Ughh I'm still waiting for a letter! My sister hasn't called to tell me I got one.. I think I should have by now because when he called on Friday he said he would write me.. so that means he will right?
Ughh i miss him so much it kills me. I try so hard not to think of him while i'm over here and most of the time i succeed but i slip sometimes and i just get extremely sad. And ughh I don't know I just want a freaking letter! Just so he can explain more to me.. and so I get the return address to send the couple of letters I wrote him..
Tonight is just one of those nights.. where I feel like giving up and just staying in my room and crying. I want to hear from him!

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omg! exactly! me too. same with me if i'm like zoned out and i hear something about the military my head pops up. and the car thing, everything you said was like exactly what goes on with me haha. i kinda drive myself crazy with that but whatever lol

I know what you mean! Every time I see someone in ACUs my heart sinks. I've noticed that no matter how zoned out I am if I hear the words "military", "army", or "Afghanistan" I instantly start paying attention to what they're talking about. Even if they aren't talking to me. Or if I see someone with a military sticker I only pay attention to that car. It's weird.

Thank you so much! I know I'll get a letter but i'm just so anxious.. i miss him so much ugh! i will keep up to date and up beat with my letters i right him almost everynight.. lol. i just want an address so i can send them!!! haha

You will get a letter! My soldier was about a month into basic before I got the first letter. They have a lot to take care of. Research all you can on exactly what your soldier is doing. Take notes. Learn abbreviations. Know the phases of Basic Training. The more you research and know, the more "in the loop" you will feel. Keep a little journal for him even if you think your life is boring. Many websites and people will tell you to keep all of your letters up beat and watch how much you say "I miss you", I personally found that my soldier wanted to know that I missed him more than anything in the world and that he made a big enough difference in my life that I had to come up with a new routine once he left. Not that he wanted me to cry all of the time either. Just let your soldier know you care. I wish you and your soldier the very best of luck! Message me anytime!