His Mom Made My Day!

Sooo... today i was working a 1-10 shift. and i was not in the best mood because i just had someone yell at me for idk what reason [[i work at the movies]] but anyways i saw that i had a miss call from sam's mom so i told my manager that i was going to the restroom so i could hear the message his mom left me. well she wanted to know if i was working or if i was at home and if i could call her back. so i called her back and i told her i was at work and she told me that she needed to go by and give me something and i was like okay thats fine i'll be here... soooo.... i think like 15 minutes later she gets to my job and she her and sams dad bought me a cute pink computer mouse for the laptop i just got a few days ago and a comouter case it was so sweet of them. and i to her thank you and gave her a hug. and then she was like ohh yeah sam told me to give this to you i didnt know if he wanted to wait until he got home or while he was still in iraq... but he told me he really wants you to have this.. she pulls out a little box and opens it and it's a necklace thats says.... "I LOVE MY SOLDIER"  United States ARMY then she turned it over and it had something on the back and it says happy "Happy 1 Year Anniversary,thank you for everything. I Love you 
i gave his mom a hug and told her thank you for everything and we said goodbye because like i said i was at work. lol but once she left
my friends at work were like let us see it. so i showed it to them and they all that it was really sweet of sam to do that for me. so right as i put it
on i just started crying i had to go to the back because i just couldnt help it i had to let it out! and my friend melody jsut gave me a hug and
asked what was wrong, i said nothing that i just missed him and wished he could be here with me because all i want to do is kiss him and hug him and thank him for this perfect gift that he got for me! i love him sooo... much and i am so lucky that i have him in my life! after i was done crying lol i went back to work and after that nothing could get me down i am just on cloud 9!!!! i love this guy more then anything and i love his parents for everything they do for me. they are such wonderful people! well ladies i hope all is well with you and your soldiers i am keeping everyone in my prayers.

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it helps a lot. and if sam cant get a hold of me then he tells his mom to call me and if he cant get a hold of her he tells me to call her. it really helps that we get along!

Awww this made me tear up. I love seeing my boyfriends parents because they're the only people who really understand how much I miss him.