Starting To Plan.

My boyfriend is about to go to basic and i get more sad every day i think about it and i really try not to think about but i just can't help it. He is going to fort Benning. i'm starting to plan for his going away "party". it doesnt seem like much of a party for me. It's hard planning this. any tips? and also is graduation and family day normally on the weekend?

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i did a sort of going away party for my boyfriend before he left, i made it a surprise too which i'm really bad at lol but we got his family and his friends and my family and friends to show up at my house and me and my mom and him and his twin sister showed up to my house and surprised him, he was super happy. and i also got him a gift too. maybe you should do somethign like that. we just put a lot of desert out and stuff, but maybe you should have a dinner party and make his favorite meal.. my boyfriend left last week wednesday. and its really hard but its getting better, don't be too sad, everything will be fine i'm sure.

okay thank you so much. <br />
it really helped.

Graduation is usually on a Friday, and Family Day is the Thursday before it. Even though it's not much of a party for you, your boyfriend would probably like to see some of his close friends before he ships out. My only advice would be to not overwhelm him by making it too big. Don't forget to set aside some one-on-one time for you and him, though. Remember to appreciate every moment he is home, and take a lot of pictures. It will be hard but you can get through it. Best of luck.

im not much of a party planner so i cant help you there sorry but as far as the Graduation and Family Day it would seem that is lands on a Thurs. and Friday..Thrusday being Family day of course and the next his graduation..My soldier is Graduating from Basic on Oct.8th which is a Friday..hope it helps if you have anymore questions feel free to message me :)