I Guess We

just weren't mean't to be..
although we had already planned getting married, engaged. all of it.
every since he moved from basic in SC to AIT in VA.. he changed.
he never told me he loved me. ignored when i said it. ignore the cute things id say.
barely talked to me. talked to a girl who always tried to break us up that he promised me he wouldn't talk to
then i saw he commented on his ex gfs picture saying "Ooo"... he stopped commenting back to me, messaging back, and never commented on my pictures.
he had mentioned "do you think we should break up until i get back" twice..
so when i saw he commented on his exs picture.. i snapped and dumped him..
i ****** up the best thing ever.

armyygirlfriendd armyygirlfriendd
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3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

lovemyarmyman13. yeah :/ thanks girl.<br />
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mpalmer7, yeah, idk.. i kinda wanna ask him now. thanks girl.

You didn't mess this up! He did. No offense but he sounds like a real dirtbag. I can almost guarantee he's been seeing other girls since he joined. It's a sick story, but it happens all the time. My boyfriend told me about all these other guys cheating on their girlfriends just in basic! Then when they get more freedom in AIT, there's nothing to hold them back. If he says he wants to break up until he gets back, that's basically him saying he wants to be able to see other girls until he gets back to you. Even if he got back and tried to get back with you, I would really hesitate to do any such thing. I'm sorry all this happened, sweetie, but he doesn't deserve you.

Aww! I am so sorry girl. But none of this is your fault. He was the one acting like a jerk. :( And he was doing things that he shouldn't have been doing. You never know what the future holds for you. Feel free to message me if you need to talk girly.