His Birthday!!

Okay yall..
My honey birthday is coming up REAL soon! I want to send him a box. He's deployed so I was wondering if you all had any ideas on what I could send him or what would be great and romantic!!
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THANKS SO MUCH!!!! :) I will mos def probably get that!!

i just got my guy (and recommended to another girl on this website too) a camera. its a fujifilm XP10 that's shock, dust, water, and freeze proof. the casing and the lens are all reinforced, and it's 12 mp and 5x optical zoom (if i'm not mistaken. i'm still waiting on it so i could send it with some other stuff). you can find it on amazon. if you do get him that, don't forget to buy the memory card for it, especially one with enough memory if he can't upload them to a computer.<br />
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and/or you can buy some of his favorite things. bake his favorite cookie. my sis did that for her husband when he was deployed. she put them in a tupperware, and wrapped a lot of tap around the lid. he said it got there ok!<br />
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that, of buy a bunch of his favorite snacks!