Time Is Flying

It's July 30, 2010, and all I can think about is my boyrfriend is leaving me for basic in 1 month! August 30, is the date.

I remember the first time he mentioned the army to me, which was back in January. I was the second person he told, his parents being the first, about the big choice he was making which was to join the military. I don't come from a military family nor did I ever have a friend close to me consider joining so I didn't quite understand him at first. I honestly thought he was going to think about it for a week and then go on with his normal daily life, but he was definitely serious about it. We weren't officially together at the time, but everyone insisted on me telling him not to join and stuff which would just send the tears flowing down, because all I could think of was 'He's leaving me.' I have to say not being selfish is really hard to do at times like those, but I told him that whatever he decided to do, I would back him up, and until today I've kept my word. Now comes the real obstacle of him not being around anymore.

Tomorrow morning he will actually leave for a mini vacation with his best friend for a week, which means I only have 3 weeks left. with him :(

One of our co workers which is also a police officer told my boyfriend that he should break up with me before basic starts because having a girlfriend is too hard on a guy. He said that he's seen many guys on the verge of killing themselves because their girlfriends broke up with them. :( Made me a little sad hearing that, but I have faith in us.

I just have to stay positive and strong. :) & everything will workout somehow someway. :)

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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

I'm so glad to have found this group. It just shows me that I'm not alone because I know like 2 people who have gone through this and I just don't think anyone could understand. I am taking advantage of our 29 days left together to the maximum. :) & I will reassure him that I support him 100% and that I am going to wait for him because I want to and he's worth it. :)

Getting through basic is alienating and hard. It's hard on him and hard on you. Enjoy the time you get to spend with him, and take advantage of this group to vent your feelings when he does leave. We will be here for you. Don't forget that there are a lot of military sites as well that will guide you through the processes and procedures since you aren't familiar with them. Right now you're apprehensive, but you're not going to understand the magnitude of his decision until he actually leaves. He is probably going to ask himself over and over through the first few weeks of basic why he joined and what he got himself into, but by the end he will have gotten over that. Just support him and tell him he can do it. In the meantime, take pictures and have fun together.