The Time Is Near!!!

Howdy Ladies! :)

So its been a while since ive updated so here's the latest:

I recently moved into OUR apartment & its looking really good :)
Just need to get my soldiers things for the place.. like he wants a new 55" Flat screen & all
soooo im hoping to get that this coming week. 
Also he wants new furniture for the living room & bedroom so ill be working on that as well

He turned 23 on July 28th & yes he spent it in Afghanistan. :(
i didnt get to talk to him cuz it had been raining alot over there & one of the walls at the MWR collapsed
soooo he hasnt been able to get to a computer.

AND NOW his date to leave his FOB is August 1st!! :) 
i cant wait to finally have him home!!!
a friend of mine said she's had the same dream 3 times that he has come home by surprise & just shows up at our apartment...
which i wish for everyday but still i really wanna be able to go and see the welcome home ceremony and run into his arms and all that good stuff lol
but as long as i have him back in my arms i dont think it will matter anymore once i see him!

Anyway thats a little update from me :)

Hope everyone is doing well!

Much love from this Texas Army Fiance <3

nat21armygf nat21armygf
18-21, F
Jul 30, 2010