Hello everyone, Im new to this wedsite and this is my first post. I wanted to find a wedsite were I would be able to talk to other people going trough the same thing as me. And luckily looks like i found it!
My boyfriend is leaving monday for training and im very upset about it. He is in the National Guard and his unit is preparing for deployment in the middle of next year, you he will be gone quite a bit until then at different schools and such. I dont know how to deal with him deing gone all the time, and not being able to talk to him where i want or need to. We have been dating for almost a year now and have spent almost every day together. So I dont know how to adjust from seeing him everyday to not seeing him at all. Im not sure what else to say, but any advice anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanks for the advice!<br />
I will be working part-time and being a full time college student so i think i will be able to stay busy. I just feel very lonely, I graduated from high school this past may, and now all of my friends are moving off. So i dont really have anyone i can talk to. <br />
I have saved text and facebook messages. I havent wrote any letters, but from what i was told he should be able to use his phone almost everyday. Im very thankful for that! I also wrote him a little note to keep in his wallet that he can read whenever he wants. Im just ready for this month to be over with!

My boyfriend just left today for a month of combat training. I'm not sure that i will be able to talk to him for the whole month, so I know how you feel. We are long distance but we talk pretty much all day, everyday. Tonight is my first night not hearing his voice before I go to sleep. And all throughout the day I was checking my phone to see if i had text messages from him, just out of habit. Because i'm used to always having new texts from him. Since we knew that this day was coming we did a couple things to prepare for it. We both have all of our text messages from each other that we can always look back and reflect on them. I also have facebook messages from him to look back on. He sent me a text this morning promising me he will be thinking about me everyday and I will always be in his heart. I plan to read that text message everytime i get sad or discouraged. I'm sure you will have things like these to reflect back on also. And just try to keep busy. I plan to work as much as i can so i can make money to fly out and see him when he comes home. My friends have also promised to keep me entertained. I checked out some books at the library the other day to occupy my time...and they are love stories so i know they will remind me of him and make me happy. Another thing i did, since unable to receive mail, is write him letters is advance. I marked each letter with a date during the month of august that he is allowed to open it.